Day: January 27, 2016

Tips on How to Start a New Business- Choose the Right Business for You

There are so many choices, it’s almost mind boggling! You can sell goods or services. You can take advantage of an established franchise or multilevel marketing opportunity or you can start a business that is completely one-of-a-kind. You can start part-time while you keep your job or you can jump in with both feet. There are many things to consider, but the most important thing to remember is that you should choose a business that excites you the phrase “Follow your passion” may be trite, but it really applies in this situation. You will be spending so much time and effort working on your business that you had better love what you’re doing.

1) Develop a business plan.

You know the old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Well, it’s true in this case. Developing a business plan forces you to think through the logistics of starting your business. It then becomes your road map for the weeks and months ahead. There are many resources that can help you, eg Small Business Planner.

2) Start marketing your goods and services from the beginning – and don’t ever stop.

Now, there are many ways to market your goods and services, and there are literally thousands of excellent resources. Just be sure you use them. There are two marketing myths that often trap new business owners. The first is, “This product (or service) sells itself.” No, it doesn’t. You need to learn how to market it and how to sell it The second myth is, “I can’t afford any marketing or advertising right now – business is too slow.” Lacking sales is precisely the reason why you must market your goods or services.

3) Get into action and stay in action.

There is no substitute for consistent action. Many new business owners stay busy with small organizational tasks, but they spend surprisingly little time on the purposeful actions that lead to income generation. Ben Franklin said, “Never confuse motion with action.” Each day, plan the top five actions you’ll be taking to generate income. Then, do those things. Don’t let any trivial or inconsequential tasks get in your way.

4) Get help! Don’t try to go it alone.

Surround yourself with a winning team. Maybe you’ll find your team in a local networking group or service club. Maybe your winning team includes your family and friends. Here’s the test – if they are positive and supportive, keep ’em around. If they are negative and distract you from your goals, avoid them. It’s that simple. Success is business is hard enough without voluntarily subjecting yourself to people who sabotage your efforts. Quitting is not an option,it’s a failure…